Saturday, March 17, 2012


The ACL in Wilmington

A Grand View of the Passenger Terminal, Roundhouse, and the River Terminal.  Note the roundhouse in the foreground, warehouses and wharves along the river, and many railroad buildings.  View is toward the southwest, showing the north end of Front Street.

ACL Passenger Terminal & Freight Yards.  The old headquarters building (with steeple) in center of photo, with "new" building (1913) just above.  View is toward the northeast.

Roundhouse Adjacent to the Passenger Terminal

An Early Diesel is About to Leave Wilmington with Mail & Passengers

An ACL Roundhouse

The Wilmington ACL Passenger Terminal and Offices

The Demolition of the Passenger Terminal in 1970

ACL Engine #59 - Built by Baldwin in 1891


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